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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 9, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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good night. neil: forget the delays for those who are not signing up for the doctors who are fed up. those for whom we did this do not want this. a story you are not hearing but the mainstream is not reporting the uninsured want to stay that way. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. we end up taking the entire health care system turn it upside down for the uninsured and they don't want it. you sign up but others are not interested.
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10,000 workers are striking in las vegas as their choice but those that we tried to get covered don't want coverage? we should have taken out the tax payer insurance policy of the insurance policy. but now even with the best of circumstances 30 million americans will still end up uninsured. was and that the purpose? now to loss vegas and president on the striking workers but you say they should not be complaining but taking the beef to washington? >> i think what has happened is that people have to raise their voices and get behind to get the law of the books or making of significant changes to do what it is supposed to do.
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neil: what is going on? >> i don't have -- understand what the union is doing but with the cost going down the benefits are going down the end result is the individual workers are paying more and getting less neil: what is sad whether you are sophisticated and you are zero or just counting on the word of the politicians now whether in a union or not or just small mom and pop operation it is not planning and all that is very frustrating to a lot of people. >> it is. because the most interesting
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thing is people who didn't have insurance are not signing up in the first place so it only causes a problem in the system that was working to begin with not in the area it was not working. neil: if you build this gigantic casino and nobody goes with this giant health care law intended to get all of the uninsured and insured but when all is said and done we have about as many uninsured going in? >> i think we will have more neil: i thank you are right. >> it depends on the use insurance than they are not setting up either. it isn't working and needs to be changed is only part of the problem we are eliminating jobs not creating jobs. neil: a lot of union workers are concerned about what you
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mentioned that they have no idea that 51 workers they could cut you off to a level aid paying for health insurance if has happened by the millions across the country. i wonder even if delaying these provisions or the corporate mandate will delay that pain? in other words, i think it'd is reality delayed but not denied. >> unfortunately the delays are waiting until the election in 2014. they want to take the pain away now so they could keep the law in the fact we don't think that should happen. neil: you run a business you have to have something appealing for people to go to to invest in period. i am told those that came up
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with this common give it time but normally if you launch the hindenburg it will almost always explode with the same scenario. >> i think that is true but these delays and giving it time only lets the noise go down but the fact is just like the hindenburg eventually it will explode. am by postponing that explosion intel after the election will fool people only. neil: we will watch closely. thank you. lois lerner may not be speaking but the irs is. agrees to release emails ogle full targeting s anti-party activist says that does not make it less of a mass. why not? >> i think people want to
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see this as exciting as a lawyer i have never seen a party just voluntarily decide to turn over incredibly damaging evidence so we will see this trove will delay the proceedings and frankly we have no way to know if they're turning over the emails. neil: but the lawyers intimated as much that she is afraid of retribution or prison and unsettling as it might be there is a way to shield her to give up details but they have not done that. >> she is clearly the linchpin and intel she talks
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or the whistle-blower as long as we allow this to work through the process the same result as ben gauzy your "fast & furious" they will just stretching it out and not know the truth. neil: you are upset about this the two-party is upset but also republicans are not so upset and are moving on. how do you feel? >> it is unfortunate but american citizens and ambassador died in america amazon also a "fast & furious" in the american public has moved on it is hard to maintain attention on the scandal. this is precisely the methodology of the administration dry get out and told of public loses attention. that is why we continue our lawsuit because we will not
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rest until it comes out with the truth. neil: a piece of tape that bayer's replaying. and to confirm again term-limits especially for politicians who just put a limit on your patience. in north carolina unemployment went down after benefits went away? hoping that this goes viral but first the house grants few grade $1 billion in aid. why am i worried?
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neil: remember when jpmorgan had $600 million in a mortgage fraud settlement? oh lot were asking where does that money go? in that particular bunch one-tenth goes to one single whistle-blower. to let the government and
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which is $3 million but to get back to where does that money go for those that are burned in the transactions but in the meantime with the of ukraine. follow this scenario. it owes russia $1 billion for natural gas contracts. along comes up house branding in a could russians say you have a million dollars a you paid to us then everything is okay. and then the money that we gave to the ukraine goes to vladimir putin. to the woman who does not want to see that happen. >> 100,000 ukrainians in the district? >> roughly 1.2 million there
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are four churches in with 12 differ ukrainian organizations all were in washington yesterday. >> you voted for this. >> absolutely. now what gives them the billion dollars? >> with huge economic problems the ruble fell to lowest car industry -- lowest in history. >> to the economy and sovereignty of the nation.
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neil: how do you know that? >> they have not voted yet but i am sure there will add that to a package that goes to the fed. >> your heart's in the right place but i am worried that this billion dollars does not go to the intended recipients. >> the government in the ukrainian government and the people that are so involved that go to the vote on march march 16th they have taken over the of media. neil: how do you monitor that? we cannot keep track of roads and bird -- bridges. how do you do that?
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>> we will work with them with the ukrainian government. >> we are talking about the true ukrainian people working for a democracy and all the values that we take for granted. neil: how could you leave and just to make the area russian? >> it is the illegal action. neil: what do we do? to back the entire world is supposed to with violating the constitution. but then to make it clear there will be paid and repercussions. >> already we haven't stopped of the set to those
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who are involved in the unrest targeting economically individuals that are a part of this ability hurting the fragile economy of the soviet union of russia. neil: but it has stabilized. because vladimir purves and hence -- putin has this president's number or this country's number. that is why he will win. >> that is why the sanctions are targeted to those who cause the problem. we can also renegotiate our business deals and treaties in between you and me what man will invest with this type of criminality? if they can treat their own people like this they will treat other people. there is no credibility. when you kill the press in
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judiciary in march with 30,000 troops illegally i cannot imagine. neil: if we don't respond the best we can do we are not in sync like to do this again and again if you are putin? to make europe is speaking with one voice. neil: but they are very nervous. >> they have come together pledging 15 billion in aid with the idea that there are complications with energy and other business arrangements that are vital to certain parts of europe but russia will pay a tremendous price economically the ruble is that the lowest point ever and i can imagine any businessman who will invest there. it is too risky and dangerous.
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neil: i agree i think bloodier putin is one card short of a bad debt and will keep doing this. >> he may have shot himself in the foot because i think the economy, if the world community you night in sanctions like i wray and it can take a real toll. i'm always hopeful. good to see you. neil: thanks for taking the time. what a senator said that had people asking now what? it makes me want to move faster of that rocket. where my going? friday night, buddy.
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neil: do you see this budget? hundreds of pages the appendix more than that. barbara boxer says there is nothing to cut. >> there is absolutely no way we will cut spending. we will not cut education. we will not repeal the affordable care act. let that be known. it is not happening. neil: let it be known that 1 pound maybe, led to pounce it could get dangerous. but that set off the twitter feed.
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neil: i hope she is not watching right now but meaning that your wife is spending your money? this is the government's spending our money. >> let it be known like a farrell. it gets to the overall point she has been in congress to long 21 years in the senate ted years in the house talk about entitlements the worst entitlement of all is the politicians to think they are entitled to spend our money that is what has to change above all others. neil: but nancy pelosi and charlie rangel but to say we have seen that issue but just tax the rich more a and the latest budget $1 trillion of revenue raisers and tax hikes so
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they will do it. >> when you have been in congress 30 years you move money around a and you forget where it comes from. you forget it is just a vehicle to get something else you don't think whose pocket it comes out of four where it drains the economy. some of which they be fine but they are not that efficient as the private sector but don't forget where it comes from you're not entitled to spend our money but let it be don't we will revolt -- let it be known we will revolt. neil: the stock market high because it sees highs thank you for herb preaching this more americans need to understeer in the source of their prosperity of the heart is more work of
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america's vivify $.6 trillion how much stock fell use rose you divide that by a 300 million americans. is divided over a couple thousand of people. we all have 401k and god bless those but however most americans are still spooked what happened in 2000 with miltown then begin 2008. then the smart money has done back in in now unfortunately when the market is at its highest. >> but the retail word has gone up not that the market is always your enemies. >> but the and comcast to be spread. not to sound like obama but when he says the money needs
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to be spread he is right but the policies lead from the well-connected for those on wall street. redo have a divided nation ronald reagan had their prosperity period, we had a spreading of the lower 20% as well as the upper 20 percent. neil: that is not now. >> it could happen again. >> look at what they are worried about. san francisco wants to ban plastic water bottles was angeles wants to begin the e- cigarettes and i am thinking of the states instead of piling on the debt you have all of los angeles that is awash with red ink and holon if you are
6:27 pm
following the same thing. >> it reminds me the banning of the incandescent light bulbs. that gets under my a skin. i have old basement full. [laughter] that is well so it leads to is the nation of snitches that he has the bottled water, he has this or that. the band never works they just drive up the price of the things that we really want. neil: and stand believe me. but if you have more pressing concerns deal with them. >> exactly. neil: this is a big issue.
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the twitter battled back and forth batman and superman. >> batman and superman? >> is started earlier with the viewer that if they get enough fight who wins in a knee-jerk reaction i said superman because he is not from this planet and everyone said you are for illegal aliens? [laughter] the original illegal alien. >> is barbara boxer in their? >> no-brainer. superman. i loved the old batman comics and in fact, my own goal gave me the originals look at that. there is a team it is superman he is human and of mortal flesh.
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neil: thanks. i know. >> can batman fly? >> he just has a stupid cape i could go on. neil: what is the deal with the economy? >> spending more than we take in and it just keeps climbing. our economy. ready pretends it is so great but it is not that great. neil: we have a lot of jobless benefits? keep it going. meet the governor who said i will stop the benefits and guarantee i get more jobs. what did you know really happened and he is here to tell me how. parents sure have their hands full... and they could use an extra hand. now, every state offers free or low cost health insurance for your sports hero...
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neil: here is what you need to know.
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look what happened to and the north carolina governor stopped benefits. the number of jobs are increasing. the unemployment rate is falling. jobless benefits cut, jobs rise. unemployment falls. how did he do that? he is with us now. that does not make sense. >> we did it based upon common logic. three things. we owe the federal government 2.5 billion dollars of debt for unemployment compensation which meant we were taxiing of our businesses just to pay the interest. second, the ninth highest unemployment compensation in the country and are much higher than in south carolina or tennessee our neighbors so we brought that down equal to what our neighbor states were playing -- paying. also neighbor state said
6:34 pm
they have job openings but people would not take them. we say we look for the perfect job sometimes you can find one you have to take the jobs available and i had to do that for my career and we expect other people to do that and as a result we had the largest drop of unemployment in the country over the last three months. neil: people say we might have gotten people to work again but they are underemployed. is not a good thing eventually leading to more layoffs down the road. what do you say? in make you are really under employed when you are on unemployment the did you have no opportunity to prove yourself or an advance or a pay raise now if people are in the door they can show
6:35 pm
the work ethic and productivity may be there is an opportunity to get other jobs. that is much better than being on government benefits i tore up their credit-card. me and my legislature cut the credit card off to the federal government. neil: i did not think of the other aspect asking the state's to pony up the cost what our business is saying? we will see what we can do? what have you heard? >> the business responded because they wanted to grow as a company because of they are stagnant they will not be successful so they want qualified people and they do that just out.
6:36 pm
we need to help those people who are unemployed and can find jobs to help with retraining to connect with the other jobs. we all have responsibility and it is working the only variable in the nation and i think there is a direct correlation. >> what you tell your colleagues in washington that they look car lessor cruel you heard the analogies how do you recommend they in answer that? >> you have to take your hits by entering my 14th month in office i have protesters around the governor's mansion and people screaming and yelling at me when we initiated this we have more people working
6:37 pm
the unemployment rate used to be the fifth highest now in the top 30. to get them into the private sector it is not dismissed we have regulatory reform to make decisions that don't pull well for politicians but long term it helps to get people back to work to make as productivity and competitive. neil: good to have you. >> thanks. neil: who says it does not come cheap? all of you penny pinchers your dream girl could be one click away. >> what a cheap date. >> [ male announcer ] a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion nds to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. neil: being broke dancing goal is not a good combination but for all cheap dates rather than in
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person could save over $6,000 over the course of a courtship to the founder. how does it work. >> what is happening people don't want to go on dates in person to spend $100 and in new york you cannot get that if you want to drink a good bottle of wine you would not go cheap. so people say let me go online to see who was out there. get to know each other, a video chat or text or e-mail to see if i have something in common. neil: or you could both be cheap. >> super cheaper per you don't want people spending money on each other and people don't just find one person they say this person
6:42 pm
they have a good resonate they want to get to know people. they are basically dating online so other than the membership fee they are not spending money on people to take them out to the movies or to dinner or whenever people do these days. >> of course, but we've set out the process not going out once a week. >> how many go to you dating sites? if they move in together? >> millions. >> is that you count the savings? finigan no from the first time you go of the personal date but i am meeting space
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virtually before i take you out with money out of my pocket. neil: view could waste my time. but you could go through one the user after another. >> but this is a membership fee. >> that is the difference to spend $30,000 per year versus 6,000 on membership fees. neil: i think this is corrupting. >> why? >> i don't know. you are dating a barbarian. >> it is a technology world i want people who were watching your show whoever wants to come to my site that says neil cavuto is the best we will give them 50%
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off. neil: you heard it. lough -- not the cheapskate. the bulls are running by how long? it seems like 2008 but back then we knew what happened soon after. is this the real deal?
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neil: will cap stocks hitting record highs while everyone is celebrating our guest reminding people how it was before the last big turn was the crash. but says the rally could
6:48 pm
live on. you are a little worried? >> it is like climbing a mountain. stocks are moving higher on declining volume where the air gets thinner it is harder to take the next up up. we still have other influences but i am concerned we have not had a serious short-term pullback and somebody has to take their rest. that is what i think well have been. neil: period? >> i think it is on the cheapside. i agree. whenever we have a bull market that has gone on as long as this one has, you have to think we have a serious pullback of the least 10%net yellen has indicated it is business as usual. the p/e ratio is less than 17. so maybe reasonably priced.
6:49 pm
the economy allegedly improving. the jobs numbers today were pretty good. more people getting back into the market but pretty good. companies are showing profits. it actually feels like the green sprouts starting to grow. neil: even with the price earnings multiples of as a way to look at stocks but i always wondered we seem to think now with what the fed is doing printing monday that somehow we have officially allied their market? we haven't? >> no. [laughter] that is an excellent plaints because we have forgotten that volatility used to be
6:50 pm
the constant travel companion. with 100-point swings but we have not had that for several years running so people had forgotten what that feels like. but it's it is business as usual they want these things to go higher. neil: hata great run what do i do in the meantime? i will not add good money after bad so how do they tell people to protect themselves? >> the best way is go out and look around to invest in companies that are around for a long time. i just got back from disney world. this maybe more bullish. it was a mob and this is not their peak season.
6:51 pm
parks filled to capacity in hotels you could barely get a reservation. investing in a company like disney is a good deal because even if the stock drops disney is not going anywherr. that is a time to buy. neil: forget the fact we have not had this correction in years and we need to go through that. >> is like a heart patient you wanted to work but periodically you have to change the blind -- the blood knot from the upper left arm to the right door buckley the pipes. sold the market is working normally the fact has not had a pullback is abnormal. that is and i am worried about more abnormal. neil: happy fifth.
6:52 pm
here is the powerful one. i can make the food police do this. >> they can actually do this >> they can actually do this neil: there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on.
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somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them.
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>> is there anything else public assistancewise y'all have issue with? neil: bailouts, cradle to grave. democrats pushing for government to pay for diapers for low income families with babies. >> if they choose diapers, what is next, toothpaste, car seats? [laughter] neil: all right. everyone had a good laugh. what is deal neil. what is deal with jon stewart ripping anyone who thinks cutting spending or at least containing it? i'm laughing but also crying. we're still narrowly spending. i'm still fixating and a lot of you are still tweeting. thank goodness fox is fixated. jon should be grateful all we
6:56 pm
learn courtesy of fox. be sure to let him know that neil, you're embarrassing yourself. fox is not a news organization a warped bad opinion organization. not my opinion spend something out of control. it is. it is not my opinion we keep doing this, we go broke. it is not my opinion you are a rude, rude person. you are. listen to the via hotmail. you were upset and rightly so. as a nation we're in trouble and washington isn't part of the solution although they should be. don't let up on your crusade. there are millions of people like me hear your clear to the point synopsis of our economic situation. ah are thank you, dave. i will do what i can. ever since i said on another fox show building a rocket to blast off out of this place just in case because i'm getting tired of all this drove, this from tim in charleston, south carolina. how much room do you have in that rocket? can i come? lizzie emails, you, me, the
6:57 pm
stars i will make you forget earth. neil. that is how much i love you. [laughter] honey, is that you? ck, via yahoo! if you're building a rocket, make sure it goes to the sun. then not only are we done with you, god is too. that is just lovely. why don't you go back to msnbc. peter in toronto, watching you from up here building a spaceship confirms what i always suspected. you're a gift from the gods, returning to the gods. my time on earth is almost done, peter. but i'm not quite done yet. alex in georgia, you're building a rocket? that better be a big rocket. that will be the last time i hear from you, alex. where is the veal, neil? i have no idea what you're talking about, sal. maybe this bacon segment we did with the nutritionist actually eating bacon on this set. take a look. >> and suggestion is, bacon actually is not as bad as we
6:58 pm
thought it is. neil: well, look at this. you're actually eating bacon. send that to your client. >> wait a minute. neil: i can corrupt anyone, anyone. alan, san jose, neil, i can't believe you got her to do that you're contagious. i know i speak for fat guys everywhere, god bless you, man. who are you calling fat? diane, via aol, she spit it out right when you cut to commercial, right? no, she didn't. i think she had more. peter via gmail, as doctor i can attest to physical and emotional benefits of good doughnuts. you are my kind of doctor, doctor. what is ac 130? neil sometimes i think you go beyond playing devil's advocate. you seem to express your true liberal views. well, you're on to me, ac. the thousand dollar question is -- >> neil, i have $1,000. i don't need it right now. don't need it couple years, give
6:59 pm
me a stock put it on. neil: i'm right around the corner. give me the $1,000 i will give it back to you. i'm not for giving stock advice. you spread the risk around and try a good balanced mutual fund or etf pegged to overall market or a lot of debt, paying 18, 19, 20% more. pay yourself off. otherwise, go back to playing give me the money. john in connecticut, neil, with all foods bad for seniors how do they reach their 70s, 80s or 90s? that is excellent point, john. they did well on their own with half their age food police nut. this is message food police nuts. on by the time this show you leave will be 10-pound heavier and eating bacon and napoleons and creampuffs. you will forget what made you thin. that is my problem is to you. my promise to everyone else, you ask me what what's the deal, i
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will try to tell you what the deal is. you don't have to accept what i'm saying but i'm saying very risky, very risky if you don't. after all, i'm the one building the >> guns, they are a uniquely american fascination that make people feel safe and terrified all at once. our love of guns spring as our violent nature as a country or heavily deinvolved into a society that breeds violence? owning a gun is constitutionally protected and a right, and some feel that americans are morally obligated to protect themselves by owning firearms. from a woman's right to choose her gun to the nra and the 3-d printer gun inventor, no matter where you stand, lock and loaded, the judge is here. welcome to the gun show. this is "the independents." ♪


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